Bootleg Infamy – Mr. Aardvark Your Royalty Cheque Awaits

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Truth be told I have wondered in a quasi distracted manner from time to time exactly how long it would be before I was witness to it happening. Goodness knows, it may well already have happened on more than one occasion. I just haven’t been aware of the fact until now. Well, Wednesday if we are going to get technical about the whole thing. I love live music. I mean, I really love live music. Continue Reading →

2014 – Santa Claus Is Coming (to town) – It’s Christmas Time Once Again

Has it really been a year since I posted my inaugural favorite Christmas songs rant? Really? Wow. How time flies. So much has transpired since this time last year when I put the list together. Not when it comes to the music I recommended and still love, goodness no. More to do with yours truly. I am not the same man now that I was then. So much water has passed beneath the proverbial bridge. But that is a good thing, believe Continue Reading →

Aardvark’s Eaar Würms – Come On Eileen

So, I’m going to try something a little bit different. I’m sure you have all had a song stick in your mind, one that you just can’t shake regardless whether you like the tune or not. Here is what our modern day Rosetta Stone for all knowledge, Wikipedia, has to say on the subject: An earworm, sometimes known as a brainworm,[1] is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person’s mind after it is no longer playing.[2] Continue Reading →

The Man Who Died Wolf (with a kind thank you to Christian Cotroneo for that oh so apripo take on Rob Ford)

I’ve just read a very interesting take on the recent goings on in Ford Nation. As a former member of the Fifth Estate I have watched with a kind of sick fascination the way the media has reacted to, pursued and otherwise bull nosed their way through the whole Rob Ford saga. Do not, I beg you, take this as any kind of show of support for Rob Ford on my part. In my humble opinion, he is a misogynistic, Continue Reading →

History Is Working Against America

Americas days as a world power are numbered. I’d like to say you heard it here first but, odds are, you have heard it in any number of places previously. The main difference, I believe, is that I actually love America and any number of its citizens. Most other folk who believe that the good old U.S. of A’s days are numbered are terrorists, radicals or just plan old, honest to goodness wackos. No, I say that Americas days as Continue Reading →

Christmas 2013 – Merry Christmas, Baby!

Rhonda, my erstwhile missus, thinks that I hate Christmas music. Alright, maybe not hate, but she became convinced during our many years together that I basically loathed Christmas music in all it’s facets. This, regardless how much I tried to dissuade her opinion it never seemed to do any kind of good. Thing is, I love Christmas music. Honestly and truthfully love Christmas music; but not before December 1st. You can see where Rhonda may well have formed this opinion Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving – Turkey Day 2013

I’ve always considered growing up a Canadian an honest to goodness blessing. Everyone loved Canadians. We were the meek, unassuming, non-threatening kin of those Americans. We, as Canadians, were everything that Americans had always aspired to be, weren’t we? Back in high school, when I was actually able to delude myself that I could, one day, afford a summer spent over on the continent, I had been led to believe my experience would be made so much better if I Continue Reading →

At the Going Down Of the Sun…

Why do certain words or phrases stick with us throughout our lifetime. Upon hearing such words, you can never un-hear them, you know? As this Remembrance Day 2013 fast approaches I find myself wondering. Look, I’ve never been to war and I sincerely hope and pray that I never have to. War, from my understanding, is a brutal and dehumanizing pursuit. And here’s the rub; those who start, pursue and encourage wars are rarely, if ever, those who have to pay Continue Reading →

Top 10 Stephen King Novels (Stories)

So, have I set myself up for a challenge or haven’t I? Since reading a paperback copy of Salem’s Lot, I have been hooked. No word of a lie. If you were to ask me to this very day who my favorite author was I would say it was Stephen King. Sure, I may waffle a little bit more these days, claiming that an unsung novel titled Not Only Am I With the Band… was my favorite title of all Continue Reading →

The Aardvark’s Favorite Horror Movies

Folks have, from time to time, wondered to themselves out loud, why it is that horror movies have had such a hold on me. I mean, horror movies are just lame attempts by writers, directors and stars who have no real talent to try and make their mark on the movie industry… Aren’t they? To them I say, hell no. Horror movies, and by this I refer to horror movies which have made an impact on me, have always tackled Continue Reading →