All right, let me get this straight… the current value of a human life is the cost of a used pick up truck? Do I have that right? I mean, I only ask because I want to make damn good and sure that I’ve understood everything on the news regarding Tim Bosma’s disappearance.

That’s what I thought.


One question though; In what universe is it O.K. to take another human beings life for a pick up truck. I’m sorry, a correction now if I might. In what fucking universe is it O.K. to take another human beings life period: exclamation point… Tonight, a wife is on her own when the commitment of marriage and her heart had promised her so much more. Worse still, a young child now finds herself without a Father; all for the sake of a used pick up truck… I am dumbfounded. While I had, like the rest of humanity in and around the GTA, been holding out hope that Tim would, eventually, be found alive, as one day rolled into another I had come to realize that I was probably attempting to blow smoke up someone’s kilt.

Tim was going to be found dead. Somewhere or another. The only saving grace may well have been the fact that his family was going to be able to make their peace and lay him to rest with some kind of dignity.

Of course, that was before we all found out that the fuckers burned him beyond recognition.

Remember now; we are talking about the exchange of this poor man’s life for a pick up truck. Used to boot.

In what universe could this ever have been all right?

I have long been an advocate for the death penalty. Before all you bleeding hearts get on your high horse and tell me that the death penalty has never been proved to be any kind of real deterrent I have this to say; who cares! At least it would result in one less murderer ever hoping against hope to be loosed again on our streets.

Now, I will grant you, some pretty solid evidence must be in place to even consider asking for the death penalty.

And this tirade has nothing to do with a smug little rich boy thinking he can get away with murder for the sake of a pick up truck, the type of which he used to own. All right, maybe it does, but it continues to blow my mind how these assholes can continue to hold us hostage and the ever glutinous media rapt for far to long. When you take another human being’s life you should be considered to be lower than low, a pariah in our midst. One to be dealt with swiftly and severely and then never thought of again.

Do I care what motivated these sick fucks to do what it is that they did? Not in the slightest. That, to my way of thinking, would only serve to provide them with a platform which they really, REALLY, do not deserve. The police are now entertaining the notion that this may well have been a “thrill kill”, killing a complete and utter stranger for the sole purpose of getting their rocks off. If this is, in fact, why a wife no longer has a husband, a daughter no longer has a father and parents no longer have a son then perhaps the death penalty is to good for them.

Sadly, until we can come up with a more fitting form of punishment, punishment that could come close to inflicting the self same sort of pain Tim Bosma’s death has brought upon those who loved him, then I guess the death penalty will just have to suffice.

If only we still had the death penalty…

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