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1993-04-14 – The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes Setlist Varsity Arena, Toronto, ON, Canada 1993, High as the Moon

Band: The Black Crowes
Venue: Varsity Arena, Toronto ON
Date: April 14, 1993
Tour: High As The Moon

Members Of The Band:
Chris Robinson (Vocals)
Rich Robinson (Guitar)
Marc Ford (Guitar)
Johnny Colt (Bass)
Eddie Harsch (Keyboards)
Steve Gorman (Drums)

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Comments: So, Rhonda, John (a friend from my Prudential days) and I headed off to catch the ubiquitous Black Crowes at Varsity Arean in the heart of downtown Toronto, just slightly down the way from the Royal Ontario Museum and across the street from a pretty cool little U of T watering hole whose name escapes me right now so don’t ask. This was to be the third time I saw the Crowes live. And this was the first show that I noticed a disturbing trend in their music; namely, self indulgent noodling bullshit, taking three minute and thirty odd second songs and extending them into nine, ten or eleven minute beheamouths. Something that their idols, The Allman Brothers, did with alarming regularity.

Myself, I could never see it.

Now, I hear you say, “But you like Zeppelin!” and yes, yes I do. But that was Zeppelin. And the Black Crowes were not ever and are not remotely like Led Zeppelin, despite the fact that Jimmy Page teamed up with them for a couple of one of concerts back in 2000.

Truth is, they were already loosing me. The heirs aparent to The Rolling Stones and The Faces was taking the darker, more self indulgent route. And it didn’t sit well with yours truely.

This was the first time Stand Back was played by The Black Crowes

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