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1993-08-20 – Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1993, A Night to Remember Tour 1993 - Unplugged ...and More

Band: Rod Stewart
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: August 20, 1993
Tour: A Night To Remember 1993 Unplugged … And More

Members Of The Band:
Rod Stewart (Vocals)
Carmine Rojas (Bass)
Jeff Golub (Guitar)
Jim Cregan (Guitar)
David Palmer (Drums)
Ian McLagan (Organ)
Chuck Kentis (Keyboards)
Don Teschner (Violin, Mandolin and Guitar)
Phil Parlapiano (Accordian, Mandolin and 12-string Guitar)
Fred White (Backing Vocals)
Lamont Van Hook (Backing Vocals)
Joey Diggs (Backing Vocals)

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Comments: I had never seen Rod Stewart before at this point in my life. I had always wanted to. His history was so intertwined with two of my favorite artists at the time that I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, Elton John and he were best mate until old EJ basically talked Rod out of taking the part of the Pinball Wizard in Ken Russell’s adaptation of the Who rock opera Tommy, telling him “Don’t touch it with a barge pole”. A year later the Who offered old Elton the same gig and the bespectacled one took jumped at the chance. To make amends Elton wrote a great little rocker for his mate, Let Me Be Your Car. Check it out when you get half a mo’. Quite the cool number.

The less said about Rod and Mick Jagger’s association the better methinks. But The Faces did give The Stones Ronnie Wood when Rod’s solo career really took flight so I guess something good came out of it.

So, Rhonda, John C. and I made our way down to the CNE Stadium. John ranted and raved about how blown away we were going to be by the Mod ones performance. By this point in time, John was an old hand at Stewart’s shows. I was psyched.

What can I tell you, the show sucked. Well, perhaps not sucked but certainly didn’t live up to the hype.

The pacing was all over the damned place, the first half of the show was taken up with Rod doing unplugged versions of some of his best songs. I know, I know, this was a tour in support of his unplugged and seated release but, for fuck sakes, play smaller venues. Or intersperse said acoustic readings throughout the set. As it was, the concert never gained any kind of traction for me. Even with the inclusion of Faces alumnus Ian McLagan playing the shit out of the old Hammond B3. Stay With Me was a train wreck. And Rod cut the show short doing only one encore, an abbreviated version of The Motown Song.

Once the house lights came up John looked at Rhonda and I, shook his head and tore up his concert ticket.

I guess he wasn’t feeling it either.

And he should know.

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