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1992-11-03 – Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull Setlist Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada 1992, The Light and Dark

jethrotull19921103Band: Jethro Tull
Venue: Massey Hall, Toronto ON
Date: November 3, 1992
Tour: Light And Dark

Members Of The Band:
Ian Anderson (Vocals, Flute and Guitar)
Martin Barre (Guitar)
Dave Pegg (Bass)
Andy Giddings (Keyboards)
Dave Mattacks (Drums)

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Comments: Rhonda, Kris and I hit the venerable old confines on Massey Hall on this early November Tuesday evening, exactly one week before my 32 birthday. For those of you who have never caught a show at Massey Hall, it is a most singular experience. The seats on the main floor are old theatre style seats; plush and inviting until you sit in them and realize that any semblance of springs they might at one time have presented have long ago passed into that sweet good night.

Still, these erstwhile torture devices were much preferable to sitting on the first balcony or, horror of horrors, the upper balcony, where the seats were pretty much wooden benches poised to skewer your but cheeks (or more sensitive regions) with random and oh so cruel slivers.

We are talking “ouch” here people.

On this particular evening we were blessed with lower level seats which worked out well since I am rarely if ever seated during a concert (depending upon the band of course) for any appreciable length of time. This tour was in support of their semi acoustic tour album A Little Light Music and contained a goodly number of tracks I had never heard played live by them before. Some Day the Sun Won’t Shine for You, Beggar’s Farm and With You There To Help Me were all amazing in the live setting.

And then there was Rhonda’s favorite JT song, Cross-Eyed Mary given a kick ass reading at this gig. All in all a most memorable of show.

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