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1996-01-25 – Max Webster

Max Webster Setlist Hammer Lounge, Hamilton, ON, Canada 1996, Reunion Tour 1995-96

Band: Max Webster
Venue: The Hammer Lounge, Hamilton ON
Date: January 25, 1996
Tour: Max Is Back

Members Of The Band:
Kim Mitchell (Vocals and Guitar)
Terry Watkinson (Keyboards and Vocals)
Gary McCraken (Drums and Vocals)
Peter Fredette (Bass and Vocals)

Comments: The fact that Max Webster never really made it big internationally has always sort of bugged the shit out of me. They had a brilliant writing partnership betwixt Kim Mitchell and Pye Dubois; freaking awesome musicianship and the type of quirky cool tunes that could keep the most severe of geeks well sated… And, I suppose, therein lies the problem. Other than the odd foray into points south of the border, the first time that any Yank ever heard of Kim Mitchell was following an episode of the guilty pleasure cop buddy show, Miami Vice during which Go For A Soda was featured.

The last few months of 1995 saw me just about as low as I could be. Well, as low as I thought I could be at the time anyways. Max Webster announced a mini tour, with a date in Hamilton. Growing up apart from the love of my life meant that I had been to any number of concerts that she had not been privy to. One of the bands I had always wished she had experienced live in their prime was this very same Max machine. So, as a balm to my soul, I picked up a pair of tickets; and for the better part of two hours I was back in that time and place when music was all that I truly had to concern myself with. It was a balm to my very soul. The bonus was that I could actually share it with the woman I loved.

Can I get a “Cat’s in the bag” from the congregation?

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