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1990-10-12 – Gowan

Gowan Setlist Skylimits, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1990, Lost Brotherhood


Band: Gowan
Venue: Skylimits, Oshawa ON
Date: October 12, 1990
Tour: Lost Brotherhood

Fire It Up / Call It A Mission / Lost Brotherhood / Moonlight Desires / The Dragon / Keep The Tension On / Guerilla Soldier / Holding This Rage / All The Lovers In The World / Victory / A Criminal Mind / (You’re A) Strange Animal

Fire / Awake The Giant / Cosmetics

Members Of The Band:
Larry Gowan (Vocals and Keyboards)
Steve Shelski (Guitar and Keyboards)
Ken Greer (Guitar and Vocals)
Terry Gowan (Bass and Vocals)
Steve Petrie (Drums)

Comments: You may have noticed my more pronounced use of videos to illustrate the concerts I attended through the 80’s and into the 90’s. This is pretty much because I believed the powers that be who told me I wasn’t allowed to bring a camera into a concert venue lest I be denied admittance. Around about the time of this Gowan show I had had just about enough of that crap. I gowanrockemporium2decided I would be pro active.

I’d call ahead and ask for a photo pass, which I did. Request denied. Well, damn. Still, I was determined not to let this ruin the show. Rhonda and I headed down early, to the bar / restaurant upstairs for a bite to eat. I brought along a couple of 8×10’s I had shot at an Ontario Place Forum show, hoping against hope that I would see Gowan and have him sign them. Well, I must have done something right that day because, upon seating ourselves at our table, we noticed Mr. G himself, seated at a table with about 7 or 8 other folks, enjoying an after dinner libation or three.

Now, I’m not one of those rabid fans who will interrupt the object of their obsession while he or she is sitting on the porcelain throne taking care of their business. I bode my time, waiting for their dinner to break up. When it did, I excused myself from Rhonda and approached the man of the hour. He loved my photographs (I’m sure he was being kind but what the fuck, it made my night) and we stood and chatted about his first album and tracks that he had yet to play live. After about ten minutes his manager approached us.

“Ah, Larry, we have a show to do.”

gowanrockemporium3Gowan looked resigned.

“Duty calls,” he smiled ruefully.

As he turned to go I figured I should go for broke.

“Mr. Gowan?”

He turned to regard me.

“Would you mind if I took photographs at your show tonight?”

“Of course not,” he replied, “Why would I mind?”

“Well,” I continued, casting a baleful eye at his manager, the man I’m sure had nixed my photo pass request, “I tried to request a photo pass but was told there were none available…”gowanrockemporium1

Gowan glared at his manager who was in the process of glaring at me.

“You are more than welcome to take photos at my show tonight,” he told me, all the while staring down his manager.

I thanked him profusely then returned to my table to tell Rhonda the great news.

“But you didn’t bring your camera.”

Well shit. A quick drive home and a stop at the local camera store to pick up a couple of rolls of film later I was back at the Rock Emporium, primed and ready to go.

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