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1990-01-06 – Aerosmith

Skid Row Setlist SkyDome, Toronto, ON, Canada 1990, Skid Row

Band: Skid Row
Venue: Skydome Skybowl, Toronto ON
Date: January 6, 1990
Tour: Opening for Aerosmith

Members Of The Band:
Sebastian Bach (Vocals)
Dave Sabo (Guitar and Vocals)
Scott Hill (Guitar)
Rachel Bolan (Bass and Vocals)
Rob Affuso (Drums and  Percussion)

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Comments: The plight of an opening act can be a terrible one. Well, as terrible as the plight of rock stars can ever get. Skid Row weren’t one of those acts per se, gaining their own measure of fame and notoriety. Their opening turn for Aerosmith was, at once, all that I loved and loathed about rock ‘n’ roll bands. On the loved side they came out like they. themselves, were the headliners; that is to say with a confident swagger, rock chops and tunes to spare and the silver throated wailings of one Sebastian Bach. On the loathed side were Sebastian Bach’s almost constant barrage of “I can’t fucking hear you!!!”, surely meant to engender some kind of connection with another artists audience. And there’s the rub. Perhaps that is what a Skid Row audience were used to and would respond to with equal fervor. I remember thinking at the time “Maybe your not impressing us that much, asshole.” but that really isn’t fair. I mean, they were certainly impressing myself and most if not all of the folks around me. In the ensuing years I have come to realize and more fully appreciate the plight of opening acts and the curse of their trying much to hard. Especially when they really didn’t need to. Skid Row and, especially, Sebastian Bach were doing just fine without all of the cajoling.

Aerosmith Setlist SkyDome, Toronto, ON, Canada 1990, Pump Tour

Band: Aerosmith
Venue: Skydome Skybowl, Toronto ON
Date: January 6, 1990
Tour: Pump

Members Of The Band:

Steven Tyler (Vocals, Keyboards and Harmonica)
Joe Perry (Guitar and Vocals)
Brad Whitford (Guitar)
Tom Hamilton (Bass)
Joey Kramner (Drums)

Thom Gimbel (Keyboards, Saxaphone and Vocals)

Comments: Rhonda and I hit the Skydome to see Aerosmith plying their wares. Even though the Bad Boys from Boston were veering away from their 70’s heyday there were still producing killer tunes. Their stage setup was meant to mimic a rooftop rehearsal space on the roof of a hotel. Pretty cool idea all in all. And it wasn’t like they eschewed their classics all together. We still got Same Old Song and Dance, Sweet Emotion, Train Kept A Rollin’ and a great version of Big Ten Inch Record. Just enough to keep us diehards happy.

And the new material was stronger than it had been in many years. From the opening strains of Hearts Done Time from Permanent Vacation, through the bang bang salvo of Monkey on My Back / Don’t Get Mad Get Even. Heaven… just, Heaven, the song Angel notwithstanding. This gig also marked the first time I heard Joe Perry’s take on the seminal Jimi Hendrix track, Red House.

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