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1989-12-13 – The Cult

Bonham Setlist SkyDome, Toronto, ON, Canada 1989, The Disregard of Timekeeping

thecult12131989_resizedBand: Bonham
Venue: Skydome Skybowl, Toronto ON
Date: December 13, 1989
Tour: Disregard Of Timekeeping tour Opening for The Cult

Members Of The Band:
Jason Bonham (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals)
Ian Hatton (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Daniel MacMaster (Lead Vocals)
John Smithson (Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals)

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Comments: Alright, so, growing up a fan of the mighty Led Zeppelin, I was more than just a little curious to see how the late great John Bonham’s son would deport himself in front of a live audience. While his band seemed rather cookie cutter, he was definitely cut from the same cloth as his old man. Call it Hammer of The Gods Jr…

The Jason Bonham Band - Wait For You

The Cult Setlist SkyDome, Toronto, ON, Canada 1989, Sonic Temple

Band: The Cult
Venue: Skydome Skybowl, Toronto ON
Date: December 13, 1989
Tour: Sonic Temple

Members Of The Band:
Ian Astbury (Vocals)
Billy Duffy (Guitar)
Jamie Stewart (Bass)
John Webster (Keyboards)
Matt Sorum (Drums)

Comments:  Kris and I attended this show together, and while The Cult didn’t absolutely slay me, they certainly didn’t disappoint me either. Another one of those shows that made me rock out for a while but didn’t leave any real kind of lasting impression on my psyche… Below is a video of the first encore from this exact gig… She Sells Sanctuary anyone?

As an aside, at one time Kris and I knew the guy who shot most of the video of concerts in and around the GTA. It was brilliant, especially when you had been to a concert a week or two before a record show. Odds are, this guy would be at said show with freshly shot video of the concert you had just seen. It was the perfect set up. At least until he got greedy, snuck his video camera into the first Batman movie staring Michael Keaton, recorded it and tried to sell it on Yonge street a few days later.

An irate Batman fanatic alerted the proper authorities and his sweet sweet operation of shooting local concerts came to an abrupt and inauspicious end. C’est la vie…

The Cult Live at Toronto Skydome 1989 - Sanctuary

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