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1986-09-22 – Genesis

Genesis Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1986, Invisible Touch World TourArtist: Genesis
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: September 22, 1986
Tour: Invisible Touch
Opening: None

Members Of The Band
Phil Collins (Vocals and Drums)
Tony Banks (Keyboards)
Mike Rutherford (Bass, Guitar and Vocals)
Darryl Stuermer (Guitar and Bass)
Chester Thompson (Drums)

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Comments: I understand that artists are usually all hot to trot about their most recent release, I do. That’s as it should be. But when an artist, especially one with as long and storied career as Genesis, so completely and thoroughly turn their back on their past, the very past that gave them the initial success which they currently bask in the limelight of… well, excuse me if I get a little pissey here. I had expounded ad nauseum to Rhonda and Henry about how great Genesis were in concert. And then we were presented with this cookie cutter kind of show? I mean, really? Both Rhonda and Henry seemed to enjoy Genesis but I was pissed off. For me, the only saving grace was the In The Cage medley which included the closing section of Supper’s Ready. The rest of the show was just disposable. And their encore; while initially unique and different, by this point in time Genesis had performed it so often and so frequently that I could care less if I ever heard it again as long as I lived.

Live at Wembley Stadium

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