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1988-06-15 – Gowan

Band: Gowan
Venue: Ontario Place Forum, Toronto ON ON
Date: June 15, 1988
Tour: 1988 Summer

Scotland The Brave > One Brief Shinning Moment Intro / Human Drama / Keep The Tension On / Awake The Giant / Holding This Rage / Desperate / Moonlight Desires / Dedication / Harmonica Solo / Keep Up The Fight / Guerilla Soldier / Living In The Golden Age / A  Criminal Mind / (You’re A) Strange Animal

Members Of The Band:
Lawrence Gowan (Vocals, Keyboards and Harmonica)
Steve Shelski (Guitar and Vocals)
Terry Gowan (Bass and Vocals)

Comments: Yet another annual summer pilgrimage down to the old Ontario Place Forum for Rhonda and I to catch Gowan in his natural habitat. We headed down to that mystical gathering place by the lake with no tickets, purchasing lawn’s as we entered. Like the previous year, he was between albums yet still managed to floor those assembled with a pair of tunes from his yet to be released Lost Brotherhood LP. Awake The Giant was balls to the wall rock ‘n’ roll, yet it was the other tune, Holding This Rage which really captured my imagination. A song written about The Troubles, even if in a off handed way. Powerful, powerful stuff. Gowan was definitely growing as an artist.

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