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1987-07-22 – Gowan


Gowan Setlist Kingswood Music Theatre, Vaughan, ON, Canada 1987Band: Gowan
Venue: Kingswood Music Theatre, Maple ON
Date: July 22, 1987
Tour: Great Dirty World

Members Of The Band:
Gowan (Vocals and Keyboards)
Peter Nunn (Keyboards)
Steve Shelski (Guitar and Vocals)
Terry Gowan (Bass and Vocals)
Phil Michaels  (Drums)

Comments: I attended this concert with Rhonda and our friend Henry (whom I had attended my first Gowan concert with the weekend before my wedding). I managed to get a few good photographs, none of which I can find right at the moment. As soon as I do I will add them here. There were no opening acts (that I recall). By this point in time I was noticing a very disturbing trend when it came to Gowan’s set lists. The first time I had seen him live in 1985 he had played a 21 song set list (o.k. and 19 song set list smattered with a harmonica solo and history of piano lesson). Other than the show I saw him at later on the same 1985 tour he had played fewer and fewer songs. Then, on this evening at the Kingswood Music Theatre in Vaughn, he played a grand total of 14 songs. I mean, was he in a rush to get somewhere more important than perform for his multitude of fans who had helped him get exactly where he now found himself?

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