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1987-02-26 – Alice Cooper

Megadeth Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1987, Wake Up Dead

Artist: Megadeth
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: February 26, 1987
Tour: opening for Alice Cooper

Members Of The Band
Dave Mustaine (Vocals and Guitar)
Chris Poland (Guitar and Vocals)
David Ellefson (Bass and Vocals)
Gar Samuelson (Drums and Percussion)

Comments: Exact set list unknown, but based on the set lists on this seems like a pretty safe bet.




Megadeth - Live In Detroit 1986 [Full Concert] /mG

Alice Cooper Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1987, The Nightmare Returns

Artist: Alice Cooper
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: February 26, 1987
Tour: The Nightmare Returns

Members Of The Band
Alice Cooper (Vocals)
Kane Roberts (Guitar and Vocals)
Devlin 7 aka Arthur Funaro (Guitar and Vocals)
Ken Mary (Drums)
Kip Winger III (Bass)
Paul “Horrors” Horrowitz (Keyboard and Vocals)
Syvia Dohi (Dancer)
Linda Albertano (The  Executioner)
Tracey Dea (The Photographer)

Comments: Around this time I found myself volunteering at the Toronto Zoo. Yeah, it was just about as cool as it sounds. I got to hold a sick Boa Constrictor, met a neurotic parrot and made friends with a curious Orangutan. While working as a volunteer I made friends with any number of people. One, in particular, is the reason why Rhonda and I were able to attend this show. A young lady, who’s name sadly escapes me now, frequently needed a ride home after our training sessions on a Saturday were done. More often than not, I provided said rides. Over the course of our drives she told me that she worked for Ticketmaster’s head office. Boing!!! And not in the way I’m sure you are picturing right now. After one particular drive home she cooed seductively that if there was ever anything that I wanted I need only ask. Without missing much of a beat I told her I would love a pair of tickets to the upcoming Alice Cooper show at Maple Leaf Gardens. Not quite what she was aiming for I’m sure. Still, to her credit, she came through with the tickets. Then she never spoke to me again. Go figure.

While shot in Detroit, the following videos pretty much make up the exact same show that we saw in Toronto. Long live The Coop!

Welcome to My Nightmare

Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare

Billion Dollar Babies
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies

No More Mister Nicer Guy
Alice Cooper - No More Mr.nice Guy

Be My Lover
Alice Cooper - Be My Lover

I’m 18

The World Needs Guts
Alice Cooper - The World Needs Guts

Give It Up
Alice Cooper - Give It Up (Live)

Cold Ethyl
Alice Cooper - Cold Ethyl

Only Women Bleed
Go To Hell

The Ballad of Dwight Fry
Alice Cooper - The Ballad Of Dwight Fry - Live Nightmare Returns

Teenage Frankenstein
Alice Cooper - Teenage Frankenstein

Sick Things

I Love the Dead

School’s Out
Alice Cooper - School's Out + solos from the band

Under My Wheels

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