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1986-03-07 – Rush

FM Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1986

Artist: FM
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: March 7, 1986

Members Of The Band
Cameron Hawkins (Vocals, Keyboards and Vocals)
Nash The Slash (Electric Violin, Electric Mandolin, Vocals)
Martin Deller (Drums and  Percussion)

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Comments: Exact set list unknown




Friends and Neighbors / Phasors On Stun

FM live 1985 Friends and Neighbors/Phasors on Stun

Rush Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1986, Power Windows Tour

Artist: Rush
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: March 7, 1986
Tour: Power Windows
Opening: FM

Members Of The Band
Geddy Lee (Bass and Vocals)
Alex Lifeson (Guitar and Vocals)
Neil Peart (Drums and Percussion)

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Comments: My first Rush concert in a ten years. It took a friend, Henry, who was a Rush fanatic to remind me what it was that I had been missing. That and a great album. As fate would have it this show was nine years since the last time I had seen Rush. Well, 11 days shy of nine years, but there ya go. Had they changed? Sure, the last time I saw them live, keyboards were nowhere to be seen on stage. They wouldn’t start until their next album at the time, A Farewell To Kings. Since then, keyboards had become more and more a factor in their stage shows. As a matter of fact, their entire set list had changed in the intervening years with the only two holdovers from that long ago 1977 show were the first two parts of 2112 and the song In The Mood from their encores. The one thing that hadn’t changed was their sense of humour and their outstanding musicianship. If anything, they had become better with age.



The Spirit of Radio

Rush - The Spirit Of Radio 3-3-1986

Rush - Limelight 3-3-1986

The Big Money
Rush - The Big Money 3-3-1986

New World Man

Rush - New World Man 3-3-1986

Rush - Subdivisions 3-3-1986

Manhattan Project
Rush - Manhattan Project 3-3-1986

Middletown Dreams
Rush - Middletown Dreams 3-3-1986

Witch Hunt
Rush - Witch Hunt 3-3-1986

Red Sector A
Rush - Red Sector A 3-3-1986

Closer To The Heart
Rush - Closer To The Heart 3-3-1986

Rush - Marathon 3-3-1986

The Trees
Rush - The Trees 3-3-1986

Mystic Rhythms
Rush - Mystic Rhythms 3-3-1986

Distant Early Warning
Rush - Distant Early Warning 3-3-1986

Rush - Territories 3-3-1986

YYZ / Drum Solo / Red Lenses
Rush - YYZ / Drum Solo / Red Lenses 3-3-1986

Tom Sawyer
Rush - Tom Sawyer 3-3-1986

2112 Overture / The Temple of Syrinx
Rush - 2112 Overture / Temples Of Syrinx 3-3-1986

Grand Designs
Rush - Grand Designs 3-3-1986

In The Mood
Rush - In The Mood 3-3-1986

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