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1983-11-23 – Genesis

Genesis Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1983, The Mama Tour

Artist: Genesis
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: November 22, 1983
Tour: Genesis
Opening: None

Members Of The Band
Phil Collins (Vocals and Drums)
Mike Rutherford (Bass, Guitar and Vocals)
Tony Banks (Keyboards and Vocals)
Darryl Stuermer  (Guitar and Bass)
Chester Thompson (Drums)

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This was the first tour when the band did the whole rock ‘n’ roll medley during the Turn It On Again encore. At the time it was novel and quite fun. The fact that they would continue with this song medley as their encore on all subsequent tours save their 2007 reunion tour really got old fast. With such a large repertoire why the hell should you rely on other people’s music. There are and have been other bands who insist on keeping the same encore tour after tour after tour. My first experience with this was Queen who, once they played We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions as an encore for the first time, seemed to forget they had any other tunes which would better serve as an encore or two. Black Sabbath have been doing Paranoid as an encore for ages now. I’m not bitching to much. I mean, I’ve seen bands who have refused to do an encore regardless of how vocal the crowd (Styx) so when a band actually does an encore it is appreciated.

Just try and shake it up is all I’m saying.

As for the concert itself, it was most excellent. Linda, a friend of mine from Eaton’s department store where we both worked, her brother and I trekked down to Maple Leaf Gardens on this late November evening.

Genesis Live 1983 11th Earl of Mar Medley Rework

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