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1983-08-03 – Asia

Asia Setlist Kingswood Music Theatre, Vaughan, ON, Canada 1983

Artist: Asia
Venue: Kingswood Music Theatre, Toronto ON
Date: August 3, 1983
Tour: Alpha
Opening: None

Members Of The Band
John Wetton (Vocals and Bass)
Steve Howe (Guitar and Vocals)
Carl Palmer (Drums and Percussion)
Geoff Downes (Keyboards and Vocals)

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Comments: Exact date of concert is not known. I originally had it as August 31, 1983. has it as July 12, 1983 and a site listing Kingswood Music Theatre concerts has the date as August 3. Since it is entirely possible I made a typo when first entering the information way back when I opted for the August 3rd date. 1983 was the inaugural year for Canada’s Wonderland, where the Kingswood Music Theatre is located. I would attend many concerts at the open air venue over the years.

On this particular night I went with two friends, anxious to see these four titans of prog rock sharing a single stage. Their debut album had stormed up the charts due in no small part to the lead single “The Heat of the Moment”. While the band quickly wore thin for me in intervening years, I enjoyed this particular summer evening listening to four musicians rediscovering their love of playing live once again with their new band mates. All in all, a fantastic concert.

Only Time Will Tell

ASIA - Only Time Will Tell (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

Midnight Sun
ASIA - Midnight Sun (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

Don’t Cry
ASIA - Don't Cry (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

The Last To Know
ASIA - The Last to Know (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
ASIA - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

Here Comes the Feeling
ASIA - Here Comes the Feelings (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

Soul Survivor
ASIA - Sole Sourvivor (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

Heat of the Moment

ASIA - Heat of the Moment (Live 1983 with John Wetton)

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