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1982-08-28 – Genesis


Genesis Setlist CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON, Canada 1982, Three Sides Live Tour

Artist: Genesis
Venue: CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON
Date: August 28, 1982
Tour: Three Sides Live
Opening: None

Members Of The Band
Phil Collins (Vocals and Drums)
Mike Rutherford (Bass, Guitar and Vocals)
Tony Banks (Keyboards and Vocals)
Darryl Stuermer  (Guitar and Bass)
Chester Thompson (Drums)

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Comments: Not sure how it happened, but I ended up going to this show with Ray, Marj’s boyfriend at the time. I take that back, I do recall how it came to be. Marj wanted Ray and I to spend more time together and bond. What the hell. Never had anything against Ray one way or the other, and he did share a similar passion for music. Even showed me how to play Sweet Thing by Goddo on guitar. Going to any outdoor event in Toronto at this time of year is always kind of hit or miss. The day was beautiful,  warm enough that we wore shorts, t-shirts and a jean jacket. Sadly, the weather turned downright frigid once the sun went down. Ray and I froze our collective yarbles off. It was so cold that Phil Collins apologized for taking his shirt of during the show; admitting that it was really hot up on stage under the spot lights. This admission brought about a chorus of good natured boo’s from the crowd.

The highlight of this show, by far, was the inclusion of Supper’s Ready. This was to be the one and only time I got to see them perform this Gabriel era classic live in it’s entirety. After this tour was over Genesis retired the full song from their repertoire for good.

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