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1980-05-17 – Max Webster

Max Webster Setlist The Club Anreene, Port Perry, ON, Canada 1980Max WebsterArtist: Max Webster
Venue: Club Anreene, Scugog Island ON
Date: May 17, 1980
Tour: Universal Juvenilles
Opening: None

Members Of The Band
Kim Mitchell (Guitar and Vocals)
Dave Myles (Bass and Vocals)
Gary McCraken (Drums and Vocals)
Dave Stone (Keyboards and Vocals)

Comments: Max WebsterExact setlist unknown. Shortly after Dave Stone, most recently of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow fame, had replaced original keyboard player, Terry Watkinson, in the line up. Sitting down and partying with the band after the show lead to a pleasant Max Webstersurprise a couple of weeks later when Max Webster  played the Oshawa Civic Auditorium. Here is an excerpt from my first book Not Only Am I With The Band…

On one occasion, while I was in college, it came to my attention that Max Webster were going to play a small 150-seat club up on Scugog Island just north of Oshawa. After procuring tickets, Adrienne, Eric, Ron, Will, and I packed ourselves into my Datsun B210 and made our 1980-05-17 - Rising slowly to meet the water line_resizeway up to the gig. I can’t remember if we were repeating or presaging our smoky drive from Sauble Falls back to Wiarton. I do know that there was a lot of pot being smoked. Problem was the road between the big O and the club lead through any number of villages and small towns. I tried to regulate the smoking of dope to the times when we were between the villages. Still, I’m sure that we provided quite the sight for some of the locals as we puffed through their sleepy little berg; tunes cranked, looking every bit like a low flying crop duster.1980-05-17 - Beyond The Moon solo_resize

The show was great. The stage rose about six inches off the floor. We managed to position ourselves close to the band; like first row close. This was back in the days when cameras were still freely allowed into shows. I had my trusty Pentax ME Super 35mm camera in hand, with an ample supply of film. At one point, I tried out a medium telephoto lens and got a real great close up of Kim Mitchell’s navel. I quickly went back to my standard 50mm. We were talking close folks… those of you who are into photography will get the idea. Those of you that aren’t… trust me… we were close.

1980-05-17 - Kim Mitchel at the Club Anreene_resizeThe Websters were tight that night. They had a new keyboard player who had  gigged for a time with former Deep Purple 1980-05-17 - Max Max Max Max_resizeguitarist/founder Ritchie Blackmore’s new band, Rainbow. Dave Stone. He was fitting in with the Webster’s philosophy pretty well.

After the gig when most everyone else had cleared out, we hung around and ordered some beer. Eventually, the band came out of their dressing room and joined those still in attendance. We found ourselves at a table with Kim Mitchell and Dave Stone. Will was quick to spark up a joint and proffer it to those in attendance. Kim politely declined. Dave readily accepted.

We sat with the band, smoked pot, and generally shot the shit for an hour or so.


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