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1978-09-01 – Styx

Zon Setlist CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978

styx09011978Band: Zon
Venue: CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON
Date: September 1, 1978
Tour: opening for Styx

Members Of The Band:
Denton Young (Vocals)
Brian Miller (Guitar)
Jim Samson (Bass)
Kim Hunt (Drums)
Howard Helm (Keyboards)

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Comments: Exact set list not known

Styx Setlist CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978, Pieces of Eight

Band: Styx
Venue: CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON
Date: September 1, 1978
Tour: Pieces Of Eight

Members Of The Band:
Dennis DeYoung (Vocals and keyboards)
Tommy Shaw (Guitar and Vocals)
James Young (Guitar and Vocals)
Chuck Panazzo (Drums)
John Panazoo (Bass)

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Comments: Bill, Paul and I went to see this show, on the last weekend of freedom before we started college. Bill and I had already seen Zon open for The Tubes at Maple Leaf Gardens back in the spring and were looking forward to seeing them again. They didn’t disappoint.

The story of this concert had more to do with our exploits at the CNE while waiting for the show to begin than it did with the actual concert itself. Sure, Styx were great in concert, even though they played a pathetically short set for whatever reason. The music they did play was wildly entertaining, with Dennis De Young strutting about the stage like a ponce peacock, JY shredding a wicked lead here and there and Tommy Shaw smiling beatifically at the crowd while playing the perfect foil to his much taller guitar brother.

That being said, the thing that resonates the most for me about that day has more to do with events leading up to the concert. Just what kind of trouble can three more or less 18 year olds hope to get into with copious amounts of pot, some hard earned beer and plenty of time to kill…


The Grand Illusion


Blue Collar Man

Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)

Crystal Ball


Great White Hope

Come Sail Away

Midnight Ride

Miss America

Born For Adventure

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