1978-08-06 – The Eagles


Eddie Money Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978

Artist:Eddie Money
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: August 6, 1978
Tour: opening for The Eagles

Members Of The Band:
Eddie Money (Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar)

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Two Tickets to Paradise

Two Tickets to Paradise-Eddie Money 1978

Comments: Exact set list not known

Little River Band Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978

Artist: The Little River Band
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: August 6, 1978
Tour: opening for The Eagles

Members Of The Band:
Glenn Shorrock (Vocals)
Graeham Goble (Guitar)
Beeb Birtles (Guitar)
David Briggs (Guitar)
George McArdle (Bass)
Derek Pellicci (Drums)

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary , Little River Band, feat, George MaCardle

Comments: Exact set list not known

Eagles Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978, 1978 Tour

Artist: The Eagles
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: August 6, 1978
Tour: Summer

Members Of The BandHH
Glen Frey (Vocals and Guitars)
Joe Walsh (Vocals and Guitars)
Don Henley (Vocals and Drums)
Don Felder (Guitar and Vocals)
Timothy B. Schmitt (Bass and Vocals)

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Comments: This was the one and only concert that my cousin and I attended together. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my cousin is a very cool guy. It’s just that I grew up in The ‘Shwa and he grew up in T dot. We just didn’t travel in the same circles. I drove in from Oshawa and met him and his then girlfriend at the Eglinton GO Station. Up to this point we had never really talked about our pot smoking proclivities. Imagine my surprise when, while waiting for our train to arrive, he whipped out a small glass vial containing a dark green substance.

My eyes, I’m sure, lit up. Hash oil? Seriously? Back in 1978 I was all over that. And so, while waiting for our train to arrive, we sat there and lovingly slathered hash oil all over a few rolling papers. I still smoked at the time so I sacrificed a couple of smokes to the greater good. With four tiny tubes of nirvana rolled, we decided to partake. In the interest of killing time, I assure you.

And it was damned good.

Problem was, by the time the train arrived we still had three joints going begging. How, then, were we going to get them into the concert. This was still at a time when I was young, inexperienced and more than willing to give myself over to paranoia. We spent the 20 odd minute trip from the Eglington GO Station to the CNE GO Station worrying about how, exactly, we were going to smuggle out contraband into the gig. he and I decided we would stuff the joints inside our socks and just stroll on in.

We did, and easily gained entrance into the show. Looking back, I’m sure we could have strolled right in there with said contraband in our shirt pocket, but we were young and just learning about the ways of the world.

Once inside and during Eddie Money’s awesome set we decided to smoke another.  We were momentarily off put by the sad, bent shape of our spliffs. You’ll notice I said “momentarily”. Of course, we made do.

The concert itself? Eddie Money, then new on the scene, put on a fantastic opening set. With his then current hit “Baby Hold On” and his ode to foreign hedonism, “Two Tickets to Paradise” he acquitted himself most admirably for an ex New York City cop.

The Little River Band played a more than satisfactory set.

The Eagles? Well, let me just say this about that. The Eagles were everything you have ever thought the band would be live in 1978 and more. Joe Walsh had been a shot in their arm. And while a true sense of tension was evident during their time on stage it was still a positive influence on their playing. The time when it would become toxic was still a year or so down the line.

Hotel California


Walk Away
Walk Away The Eagles

One of These Nights

Already Gone
Already Gone The Eagles

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