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1978-07-10 – Genesis

Brand X Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978

genesis07101978Artist: Brand X
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: July 10, 1978
Tour: opening for Genesis

Members Of The Band
Morris Pert (Percussion)
Mike Miller (Guitar)
Percy Jones (Bass)
Chuck Burgi (Drums)
Peter Robinson (Keyboards)

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Exact set list is unknown.

Black Moon

1978-07-10 - Kim and Dave_resized

Max Webster Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978

Artist: Max Webster
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: July 10, 1978
Tour: Mutiny Up My Sleeve

Members Of The Band
Kim Mitchell (Vocals and Guitar)
Terry Watkinson (Keyboards and Vocals)
Gary McCraken (Drums)
Dave Myles (Bass and Vocals)1978-07-10 - Max Webster_resized

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The Party

Exact set list is unknown

Genesis Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1978, And Then There Were Three Tour

Artist: Genesis
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: July 10, 1978
Tour: …And Then There Were Three

Members Of The Band
Phil Collins (Vocals and Drums)
Tony Banks (Keyboards)
Mike Rutherford (Bass, Guitar and Vocals)
Darryl Steurmer (Guitar and Bass)
Chester Thompson (Drums)

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Comments: Here is an excerpt from my first book, “Not Only Am I With The Band…” regarding this concert. Well, technically, 1978-07-10 - Mike and Phil rock the CNE_resizedregarding my friend and I getting into this concert. Enjoy:

Now it wasn’t always just Ben and I attending these shows. One time when Ben was notably absent was the bright and sunny day that Rick and I went to see Genesis at Exhibition Stadium on their “…And Then There Were Three…” tour.
Rick and I made the trek down to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. That would be the CNE for short. The two of us were heavily into photography by this time, and so, had all of our camera paraphernalia with us, hoping to capture some pictures of the day’s events. The gates weren’t supposed to open until 2:00 PM or so, but by 11 AM, there was already a huge crowd gathering, vying for position to get the best vantage point once they were let in. This was at a time when “festival seating” was de rigueur. Festival seating, while sounding joyous and fun, actually meant that it was every person for themselves as soon as the gates opened. This could translate into quite the stampede to find yourself caught 1978-07-10 - Tony Banks at the CNE_resizedup in. The worst possible outcome actually did come to pass on December 3, 1979 in Cincinnati Ohio at the Who concert, when eleven people were trampled to death in a mad rush towards the stage.
Festival seating fell out of favor after that. Imagine my surprise now when I found out this outdated practice is starting to make a comeback of sorts. “Those who forget their past are destined to relive it.” That’s very true. Look it up. If this practice continues to gain momentum, Cincinnati will happen all over again. Remember, you heard it here first. So, upon being informed that we would be let in early, those in attendance coalesced into a sloppy set of about six lines all meandering aimlessly towards the gates. Then as now, there were people arrayed to search you as you entered the venue. Then as not now, these were honest to goodness police officers hired specifically for this purpose. Now the folks who search you tend to be security employed or hired by the venue.
While waiting our turn, about twenty people back from the gates, a sealed bottle of Smirnoff Vodka which had originated from somewhere up the line was handed to Rick. Not being one to pass on an opportunity to get intoxicated, he broke the seal, unscrewed the cap, grinned slyly, and tipped the neck to his lips. He managed a mighty pull on the bottle. Wiping his mouth, he handed it to me.
“That hit the spot.”
“Cheers.” I toasted those around us and proceeded to take two or three healthy gulps.
Alcohol savaging my throat, I handed the bottle back to Rick, who greedily took another swig or three. Passing it back to me, his eyes took on a devilish glint.
“We should take this in with us.”
I stopped mid gulp, regarding him as if he had lost his mind.
“Have you lost your mind?”
“What? We could smuggle this in no problem.”
“Rick,” I started patiently as one might address a mildly retarded child, “we have our gadget bags with us. We are almost certain to get searched. That’s why we decided to not bring any dope with us, remember?”
Nonplused, Rick shrugged the gadget bag strap off his shoulder, set the camera equipment down at his feet, stooped over, rolled up his left jeans leg, stuffed the vodka bottle inside his sock and somehow managed to pull his pant leg back down over the resulting protrusion.
My mind boggled. I nearly did myself an injury laughing at the sight; Rick standing before me, arms spread wide in the universal sign for “Ta da!”
“You know,” I sputtered, “if you could manage to get that down the front of your jeans, you would have to beat the women back with a stick.”
Rick beamed at the prospect.
“You could have any woman you wanted and I would be there to console the runners up.”
Those around us were becoming more and more interested in the little pantomime that was unfolding before them.
“Really, Rick,” I entreated as we moved ever closer to the moment of truth, “you can’t seriously expect to get that into the show, can you?”
Rick seemed hurt that I would question his veracity.
“Rick, you look like you have a fucking growth, and a pretty darned impressive one at that. They’ll be trucking you off somewhere to perform medical experiments on that leg of yours. That is, of course, assuming they miss the fact that you have a ruddy great bottle of Vodka shoved down your bloody sock.”
Fourteen people away.
“It’ll work!” Rick stated petulantly.
“I don’t know you.”
Ten people away.
“We’ll be fine.”
“You’ll be busted. I don’t know you.”
Five people away.
“Oh fuck it.”
Rick pulled the bottle out; we enjoyed one last gulp each before passing it on down the line. Everyone that had been privy to this whole exercise burst into loud cheers in appreciation for the distraction we had provided. Standing in line can be pretty fucking mind-numbing.
As anticipated, our gadget bags were inspected thoroughly and we were visually checked out from stem to stern. Once through,        Rick turned sheepishly to me.
“Hey, what are friends for?”

Columbus Ohio, 8mm, October 10, 1978

Tokyo 03/12/1978

Eleventh Earl of Mar

Burning Rope

The Lady Lies

Dance On A Volcano / Los Endos

I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

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