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1977-03-18 – Rush

Max Webster Setlist Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1977

Artist: Max Webster
Venue: Civic Auditorium, Oshawa ON
Date: March 18, 1977
Tour: High Class In Borrowed Shoes (Opening for Rush)

Members Of The Band
Kim Mitchell (Vocals and Guitar)
Terry Watkinson (Keyboards and Vocals)
Mike Tilka (Bass and Vocals
Gary McCraken (Drums and Percussion)

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In Context of the Moon


alex neil and geddy

Rush Setlist Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1977, All The World's a Stage Tour

Artist: Rush
Venue: Civic Auditorium, Oshawa ON
Date: March 18, 1977
Tour: All The Worlds A Stage

Members Of The Band
Geddy Lee (Vocals, Bass)
Alex Lifeson (Guitars)
Neil Peart (Drums and Percussion)

Comments: Probably one of the first concerts that I really considered alex and geddybringing my camera to with a serious attempt to take photographs. Mike, the owner of Star Records, the record store where I grew up, had photographs that his brother had taken at the February Queen concert which Bill and I had attended. The photos were pretty good and I bought a couple of them, for $2 a piece if memory serves. The more I looked at those two pictures, the more I realized that I could probably take photographs every bit as good, if not better. Problem was, I didn’t know the first thing about shooting in low light situations with no flash. Fortuitously, I was working in the camera department at Eatons department store at this time. So, I talked to my boss, a man named Jack Weytough (no idea if that’s how you spell his last name, but no matter). Since I was already shooting slide film at this point in time (since that was what mfly by nighty old man shot) Jack already thought I had it on the ball photographically speaking. Thing is, there was no real film fast enough to do low, constantly changing lighting properly. 160 ASA Ektachrome slide film, push processed to 400 ASA was the ticket.

My first opportunity to put this into practice was at this March 18th concert. I think the results came out rather well, even if I do say so myself.

By-Tor and the Snow Dog

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