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1976-06-18 – Rush

Max Webster Setlist Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1976

Artist: Max Webster
Venue: Civic Auditorium, Oshawa ON
Date: June 18, 1976
Tour: Opening for Rush

Members Of The Band
Kim Mitchel (Guitar and Vocals)
Paul Kersey (Drums)
Mike Tilka (Bass)
Terry Watkinson (Keyboards  and Vocals)

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Comments: Exact setlist unknown


Rush Setlist Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1976, 2112 Tour

Artist: Rush
Venue: Civic Auditorium, Oshawa ON
Date: June 16, 1978
Tour: 2112

Members Of The Band
Geddy Lee (Vocals, Bass)
Alex Lifeson (Guitars)
Neil Peart (Drums and Percussion)

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Comments: And so began a tradition of attending Rush concerts opened by fellow Canucks Max Webster. Sadly, some folks only know of Kim Mitchel as the afternoon drive guy on Q107 with a more than passing knowledge of the music industry. I say sad because if only they had seen him in his heyday Max Webster may not have gone the way of the dinosaur. But I get ahead of myself.

By this point in time I had most definitely made a point of learning all that I could about those three gentlemen I had first seen at Iriquois Park in Whitby the year before. 2112 was their most recent release. This may well have been the moment in time when I realized I was going to grow up a geek. Even though the term “geek” had not yet made it into the general lexicon.

Bastille Day


Lakeside Park


Fly By Night / In The Mood

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