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1976-08-10 – Peter Frampton


Spirit Setlist CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON, Canada 1976

Artist: Spirit
Venue: CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON
Date: August 10, 1976
Tour: opening for Peter Frampton

Members Of The Band
Randy California (Guitar and Vocals)
Ed Cassidy (Drums)
Mark Andes (Bass)
John Locke  (Keyboards)
Jay Ferguson (Lead Vocals, Tambourine)

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Comments: At the end of the set Randy California lit his guitar on fire ala Jimi Hendrix and tossed his beautiful white Fender Stratocaster into the crowd. Once he left the stage a couple of roadies went to the front of the stage trying, unsuccessfully, to retrieve his guitar. Rescheduled from July 31, 1976, exact set list unknown.

Mr Skin

I Got a Line On You

Live at Rockpalast 1978

Peter Frampton Setlist CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON, Canada 1976, Frampton Comes Alive

Artist: Peter Frampton
Venue: CNE Grandstand, Toronto ON
Date: August 10, 1976
Tour: Frampton Comes Alive

Members Of The Band
Peter Frampton (Vocals, Guitar)
Bob Mayo (Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals)
Stanley Sheldon (Bass and Vocals)
John Siomos (Drums and Percussion)

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Comments: Rescheduled from July 31, 1976. A high school friend named Rob and I went to this show together. Rob was one of the biggest stoners I ever knew and could usually always be good for a joint or two. Immediately upon arriving at this show he disappeared and I never saw him again until I was waiting to get back on the GO Train to head home after the gig. Which isn’t to say, I didn’t have adventures in his absence. I knew absolutely zilch about Spirit when they took the stage. Even still, I recognized the incomparable talent of Mr. Randy California on guitar. This was before videos of our rock and roll heroes had become ubiquitous (can’t believe I just spelled that word correctly from memory). So when, during his encore, he lit his bone white Fender Stratocaster on fire I had no way of knowing he was just mimicking something which Jimi Hendrix had done nine years earlier during his set at the Monterrey Pop Festival. All I knew was some guy on stage was lighting his guitar on fire and worshiping the damned thing from his knees. I can safely say that when he tossed his guitar into the crowd I had never seen anything quite like it before and have rarely if ever seen since.

All through Spirits set I had been making my way forward towards the front of the stage. By the time I got about 50 feet away I could move no more; such was Peter Framptons cache following his Frampton Comes Alive double live album. When my forward momentum ultimately ceased I found myself standing in the company of a wild eyed, severely intoxicated gentleman who told everyone who cared to listen that he could hardly wait for Mr. Frampton to take the stage. He continued to take hits from an amply full wine skin. That is when he wasn’t passing said wine skin to his immediate circle of friends. When a local DJ came on to announce Peter Frampton the crowd packed in even tighter still. Half way through his opening number I glanced over at my blotto new friend, the one who couldn’t wait to see Mr Frampton live and in person. He was passed out, flat on his back, and remained that way for the entire length of the show.

As Peter and the boys were taking their bows he came to, sat bolt upright and started whooping it up with the best of them. He got shakily to his feet and looked bleary eyed at me.

“This is going to be a fucking killer show!!!”

“You know what,” I replied, “It was.”

True story.

Somethings Happening

Show Me The Way

Baby, I Love Your Way

Do You Feel Like We Do

Jumping Jack Flash

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