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1976-04-11 – April Wine

Heart Setlist Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1976, Dreamboat Annie

Artist: Heart
Venue: Civic Auditorium, Oshawa ON
Date: April 11, 1976
Tour: opening for April Wine

Members Of The Band
Ann Wilson (Vocals, Guitar and Flute)
Nancy Wilson (Guitar and Vocals)
Roger Fisher (Guitars)
Steve  Fossen (Bass and Percussion)
John Hannah (Keyboards)
Brian Johnstone (Drums)

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Comments: Actual set list unknown

Crazy On You

April Wine Setlist Civic Auditorium, Oshawa, ON, Canada 1976, The Whole World's Going Crazy

Artist: April Wine
Venue: Civic Auditorium, Oshawa ON
Date: April 11, 1976
Tour: The Whole World’s Going Crazy

Members Of The Band
Myles Goodwyn (Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards)
Garry Moffet (Guitars and Vocals)
Steve Lang (Bass and  Vocals)
Jerry Mercer (Drums)

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Comments: Actual set list unknown. Bill and I went to this concert. It was the first time either of us had heard Heart live. I was already in love with their song Crazy On You and was probably looking forward to seeing the Wilson sisters every bit as much as I was to seeing April Wine. The sad fact was, Heart sucked. For whatever reason, they just weren’t very good live. They came off sounding like a derivative Led Zeppelin clone, with flute. I would have to guess they were having a bad night as I saw them a couple of years down the road, opening for The Who and they flat out rocked. Coupled with the fact I have since heard some bootleg recordings of the band tearing it up around this self same period of time and I most definitely have got to go with them having an off night. It got so bad that between every song Bill and I would scream at the stage “Now that the dog is dead”. Don’t ask me how we came up with that little bon mot. We were 15 years old at the time and found it hilarious almost beyond bearing. Thing is, others around us must have agreed because they started picking up on our chant and joined in.

And April Wine? They were good but unremarkable. I do remember a giant Mad Hatter behind the drum riser, who taped it’s foot in some kind of time to the title song of their most recent release. Beyond that? Meh…


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