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2012-11-21 – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

DSC00694_resizeBand: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Venue: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton ON
Date: November 21, 2012
Tour: Christmas 2012
Support: None

The Lost Christmas Eve:
Intro with Charity Presentation / Winter Palace / Faith Noel / The Lost Christmas Eve / Wizards in Winter / Christmas Dreams / Christmas Nights in Blue / Christmas Jam / Siberian Sleigh Ride / What Is Christmas? / For the Sake of Our Brother / The Wisdom of Snow / Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) / Back to a Reason, Part II / What Child Is This? / Christmas Cannon Rock / Different Wings

DSC00721_resizeThe Rest of the Show:
Chris  Talks and Band Introductions / Prelude To Madness > The Mountain / A Mad Russians Christmas / Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) / Moonlight and Madness / Someday / Child Unseen / Requiem (The Fifth) / This Christmas Day  / Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Savatage cover)

Members Of The Band:
Chris Caffery (guitar)
Joel Hoekstra (guitar)DSC01028_resize
Derek Wieland (keyboards, music director)
Luci Butler (keyboards)
David Z (bass)
Jeff Plate (drums)
Roddy Chung (violin)
Bryan Hicks (narrator)
Rob Evan (vocals)
Autumn Guzzardi (vocals)
Erika Jerry (vocals)
DSC00719_resizeJames Lewis (vocals; lead on “Ornament” and “This Christmas Day”)
Georgia Napolitano (vocals)
Jay Pierce (vocals)
Natalya Piette (vocals)
Chris Pinnella (vocals)
Kayla Reeves (vocals)

Comments: For reasons that escape me at the moment, Rhonda wasn’t able to join me this year. I had already bought tickets as a surprise but the surprise was on me. No matter, it didn’t take me long to realize who it was I was going to invite in her stead: my little sister Marj. Little sister from another mother… and another father for that matter. She had been a long time fan of the TSO and immediately accepted my invitation. We decided to make an evening of it, starting off with her meeting my at my place in Scarborough before driving out to Hamilton. We found a Keg DSC01028_resizeSteakhouse up on the “mountain” and enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner and a bottle of wine before making our way to the gig.

The seats we had we’re damned fine: second row floors, just off centre. I didn’t tell her where they were so as we kept getting closer to the stage her eyes got bigger and bigger. The band were premiering their Lost Christmas Eve album on this tour, finally DSC00962_resizegrowing tired, I assume, of trotting out Christmas Eve and Other Stories year after year after year. Let just tell you right here and now that they did not disappoint. Considering the fact that the second half of past years shows had been heavily made up of tracks from this album it was a bit of a no brainer. I mean, Wizards in Winter, Siberian Sleigh Ride, Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness) and Christmas Canon Rock had never left their set in all the years we had seen them.

After the show, we hung around and lined up to meet the band and get their autographs. A couple of the members commented on having seen Marj in the crowd, singing along to each and every song. I think it made her night. I know it made mine.

Winter Palace

Trans Siberian Orchestra Lost Christmas Eve 2012 Tour

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-15-2012: 2 - Opening Narration - Peoria, IL TSO TLCE Opening Night

Faith Noel
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-21-12 - Faith Noel - Hamilton, ON Canada TSO TLCE

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-29-12 Charlotte NC "Faith Noel" [HD] TSO 2012

The Lost Christmas Eve
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Lost Christmas Live In Boston, MA (December 23rd, 2012) TD Garden

Wizards in Winter
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards In Winter Live Manchester, NH (Nov. 13th, 2011) Verizon Arena

Christmas Dreams
5: Christmas Dreams - Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2012 Tour Orlando FL TSO West

Christmas Nights in Blue
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-15-2012: 9 - Christmas Nights in Blue - Peoria, IL TSO Opening Night

Christmas Jam
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 12-23-2012: 11 - Christmas Jam - Boston, MA - 8pm TSO

Siberian Sleigh Ride
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-15-2012: 11 - Siberian Sleigh Ride - Peoria, IL TSO TLCE Opening Night

What Is Christmas?
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - What is Christmas? Live In Boston, MA (December 23rd, 2012) TD Garden

For the Sake of Our Brother
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-15-2012: 15 - For the Sake of our Brother - Peoria, IL TSO Opening Night

The Wisdom of Snow
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-15-2012: 17 - Wisdom of Snow + Narration - Peoria, IL TSO Opening Night

Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 12-13-2012: 18 - Wish Liszt - Albany, NY TSO

Back to a Reason, Part II
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-23-2012: 19 - Back to a Reason II - Uncasville, CT 3pm TSO

What Child Is This?
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 12-23-2012: 22 - What Child is This - Boston, MA - 3pm TSO

Christmas Canon Rock
"Christmas Canon Rock" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra - 2012 NOV 24 @ Manchester NH

Different Wings
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-23-2012: 25 - Different Wings - Uncasville, CT 3pm TSO

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 12-23-2012: 28 - Singer & Band Introductions - Boston, MA - 3pm TSO

The Mountain
"The Mountain" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra - 2012 NOV 24 @ Manchester NH

A Mad Russian’s Christmas
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Mad Russian Xmas Live In Boston, MA (December 23rd, 2012) TD Garden

Dreams of Fireflies (On a Christmas Night)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 12-13-2012: 31 - The Dreams of Fireflies - Albany, NY TSO

Moonlight and Madness
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-29-12 Charlotte NC "Moonlight & Madness" [HD] TSO 2012

Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-29-12 Charlotte NC "Someday" featuring Kayla Reeves [HD] TSO 2012

Child Unseen
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-15-2012: 34 - Child Unseen - Peoria, IL TSO TLCE Opening Night

Requiem (The Fifth)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-23-2012: Requiem - Uncasville, CT 8pm TSO

This Christmas Day
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 11-23-2012: This Christmas Day - Uncasville, CT 8pm TSO

Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve (sarajevo) Live Boston, MA (December 23rd, 2012) TD Garden

Siberian Sleigh Ride

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