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2007-09-22 – Rush

Band: Rush
Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON
Date: September 22, 2007
Tour: Snakes & Arrows

First Set:
Dream About Snakes Intro / Limelight / Digital Man / Entre Nous / Mission / Freewill / The Main Monkey Business / McKenzie Brother’s Intro > The Larger Bowl / Secret Touch / Circumstances / Between The Wheels / Dreamline


Second Set:
The Plain Of Cosmik Consciousness Intro / Far Cry / Workin’ Them Angels / Armor & Sword / Spindrift / The Way The Wind Blows / Subdivisions / Natural Science / Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear) / Malignant Narcissism / Drum Solo / Hope / Distant Early Warning / The Spirit Of Radio / South Park Intro > Tom Sawyer


One Little Victory / A Passage To Bangkok / YYZ / Thank God That Shite Is Over Outro

Members Of The Band:
Geddy Lee (Vocals, Bass and Keyboards)
Alex Lifeson (Guitar and Vocals)
Neil Peart (Drums and Percussion)

Comments: Rush, my old friends, played the Air Canada Centre on their Snakes & Arrows tour and Rhonda and I attended. Our second concert within a week. How decadent is that? Unlike the previous couple of times we saw the boys, they had an album of all new material out so the set was heavy on new songs and not so much on concert staples, which made it more challenging for someone like Rhonda who only really wanted to hear songs that she was familiar with. Fair enough. I wasn’t all that familiar with their new album myself but I’ve always just been amazed by the sheer musicality of the band so unfamiliar material didn’t detract from the experience as much as it might for some. Aside from the new material I heard one song (Circumstances) that I had never heard them play live before and one song (A Passage To Bangkok) that I heard them play last on their 2112 tour, back in 1976. As they had done in the past, this was the last show in North America prior to them starting the European leg of the S&A tour a week and a half later.

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