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2006-01-21 – Bon Jovi

Band: A Thousand Cures
Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON
Date: January 21, 2006
Tour: Opening for Bon Jovi


Members of the Band:
Paul M. (Vocals)
Dusty E. (Guitar)
Luca C. (Drums)

Comments: Exact set list not known. These guys won a competition to open for Bon Jovi. This was something Bon Jovi were doing on this tour, picking one local band to get their big break. Didn’t work out so well for A Thousand Cures though as it would be two more years before they actually recorded an album, they seem to have last had a gig in 2011 and their website leads to some Chinese pharmaceutical site. They impressed me so much that I can’t recall anything at all about them.

Band: Bon Jovi
Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON
Date: January 21, 2006
Tour: Have A Nice Day

Intro Music / Last Man Standing / You Give Love A Bad Name / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead / Runaway / Just Older / Complicated / Born To Be  My Baby / Story Of My Life / Wild Is The Wind / Novocaine / I Won’t Back Down / Have A Nice Day / Who Says You Can’t Go Home / It’s My  Life / I’ll Be There For You (acoustic) / Blaze Of Glory (acoustic) / Bed Of Roses (acoustic) / Bad Medicine > Gloria > Bad  Medicine / Raise Your Hands / Livin’ On A Prayer

First Encore:

Welcome To Wherever You Are / Blood On Blood / Keep The Faith

Second Encore:

Treat Her Right / Dead Or Alive

Members Of The Band:
Jon Bon Jovi (Vocals and Guitar)
Richie Sambora (Guitar and Vocals)
Tico Torres (Drums)
David Bryan (Keybaords and Vocals)
Hugh  MacDonald (Bass and Vocals)
Bobby Bandiera (Guitar and Vocals)
Jeff Kazee (Organ, Keyboards and Vocals)

Comments: Rhonda and I made our way down to the ACC this Saturday evening, a show that almost didn’t happen. You see, when flying in from their Friday night gig in Buffalo, New York and in the early hours of Saturday morning, Bon Jovi’s private plane skidded off the runway at Hamilton International Airport in severe weather conditions. Jon made mention of it that night asking “So what did you guys do last night?” after their second song. The show lasted just a little over two hours, starting with JBJ on a small stage at the opposite end from the rest of the band where he played the first song from. Then he made his way to the main stage, through the crowd, and proceeded to rock until the last strains of “Canada’s unofficial national anthem” died away. Another great show from these New Jersey boys. A pity all the crap going on now between him and Richie Sambora.

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