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2005-09-26 – The Rolling Stones

Band: Beck
Venue: Rogers Centre, Toronto ON
Date: September 26, 2005
Tour: Opening for The Rolling Stones

Devil’s Haircut / Novacane / Black Tambourine / The New Pollution / Loser / Clap Hands / Where It’s At / E-Pro

Members Of The Band:

Band: The Rolling Stones
Venue: Rogers Centre, Toronto ON
Date: September 26, 2005
Tour: A Bigger Bang

Start Me Up / You Got Me Rocking / She’s So Cold / Tumbling Dice / Rough Justice / Ruby Tuesday / Dead Flowers / Bitch / Night Time Is  The Right Time (Roosevelt Sykes cover) / Introductions / The Worst / Infamy


Miss You / Oh No Not You Again / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Honky Tonk Women

Main Stage

Out Of Control / Sympathy For The Devil / Brown Sugar / Jumping Jack Flash


You Can’t Always Get What You Want / It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)

Members Of The Band:
Mick Jagger (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica and Percussion)
Keith Richards (Guitar and Vocals)
Ronnie Wood (Guitar and Pedal Steel)
Charlie  Watts (Drums)
Darryl Jones (Bass and Vocals)
Chuck Leavell (Keyboards)
Benard Fowler (Backing Vocals and Percussion)
Lisa Fischer ( Backing Vocals and Percussion)
Bobby Keys (Tenor Saxophone)
Blondie Chapman (Backing Vocals, Guitar and Percussion)
Tim Ries ( Saxophone and Keyboards)
Kent Smith (Trumpet)
Michael Davis (Trombone)

Comments: This tour was a little different in that The Stones were offering seats right on the stage itself. Well, in the scaffolding backing the stage at the very least. I can’t remember how much these seats were, just that the price was exorbitant. Ah, the evolution of corporate rock ‘n’ roll. The gig itself was the usual later day Stones fare. Musically excellent without any real kind of sense of danger or unpredictability. Their most recent album, A Bigger Bang, had been a return to form in many respects, but the handful of songs they played at the show were all but lost on those gathered. With this in mind the three songs they chose to play were more than enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I, myself, love to hear new music played live, especially if the tracks are strong tracks in their own right. Yet, the great unwashed masses do not universally share my passion for new tunes. I suppose, with the price of tickets these days, they are entitled to hear the songs they really want to hear. Still, how do folks expect to grow musically sticking with the same old same old. I think bands are to blame in a lot of ways. Bands like Aerosmith and The Stones have, for many years now, catered to the casual fan. So, the casual fans are the ones more likely than not to snap up tickets and they want to hear what they want to hear.

This is why my admiration for artists like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Rush is so high. They play a good portion of their newest releases and their fans have come to expect this of them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that both artists play the better part of three hour sets each and every night of their tour.

I guess, what I’m saying is, other bands could learn a thing or two about juggling the desire to play new music with the demands of what the fans expect to hear.

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