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2002-08-15 – Styx

Styx Setlist Casino Rama, Orillia, ON, Canada 2002, Styx World Live

Band: Styxstyx1
Venue: Casino Rama, Rama ON
Date: August 15, 2002styx2
Tour: Styxworld 2002



Members Of The Band:
Tommy Shaw (Guitar and Vocals)
James Young (Guitar and Vocals)
Lawrence Gowan (Keyboard and Vocals)
Glen Burtnik (Bass and Vocals)
Todd Sucherman (Drums)

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styx9 styx6




So, I actually worked with a guy who was even more afflicted with Crohn’s Disease than I am. His name is Rob and I worked with him while on contract with Enbridge Gas back in the early 2000’s. He is the reason why I actually tried my hand at curling for a season or two, until I realized that my buggered up knees would keep me from a long term career in the sport the same way they ended my illustrious tenure as a goal tenstyx3der in hockey.

Turns out Rob was also a huge Styx fan. So, when this gig came upstyx5, Rhonda and I pitched in for a pair of tickets sitting with Rob’s group. No, I hadn’t styx4seen Styx since the Mr. Roboto tour and a lot had happened since then. Tommy Shaw had left the band and then returned. Drummer John Panozzo died of complications due to alcoholism. Dennis De Young had been unceremoniously bounced when he was unable to tour their then current release, Brave New World. Lawrence Gowan was brought in to take the erstwhile keyboard players place.

Not so big a surprise to those of us living in the Toronto area, considering the fact Gowan had played in a band called Rhinegold prior to making a bigger splash as a solo artist. Rhinegold were known to play Styx songs, note perfect, with Gowan more than adequately subbing in for De Young. So, for us at the very least, the new arrangement was a  no brainer.styx7

This was my first show seeing the revamped Styx lineup. They had a harder edge and Gowan fit like a glove, so all was good.



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