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2001-06-03 – Robert Plant

Robert Plant Setlist Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada 2001, Robert Plant and Strange Sensation

Band: Robert Plant
Venue: Massey Hall, Toronto ON
Date: June 3, 2001
Tour: Strange Sensations

Members Of The Band:
Robert Plant (Vocals and Guitar)
Clive Deamer (Drums)
Charlie Jones (Bass)
John Baggot (Keyboards)
Justin Adams (Guitar)
Porl Thompson (Guitar)

Comments: My friend John is a really cool guy. He knew that Rhonda’s birthday was in June, so he offered me a pair of tickets he had bought to go see Robert Plant at Massey Hall. You see, I had told him on numerous occasions that Rhonda would leave me in a heartbeat if Robert Plant ever cast his gaze her way. The seats were sweat; first row of the balcony, dead centre to the stage. Plant, as he always seems to do, assembled a freaking awesome group of musicians. The concert was amazing, mixing songs that inspired him way back when with Led Zeppelin tunes in a seamless blend of musical nirvana.

Now, I know that some people don’t like his rearrangement of Zeppelin classics. Me, I don’t really mind. So long as he keeps the essence of the song intact, it’s all good. The reason I really enjoyed this show was less to do with the Zep standards and more about hearing the songs that inspired and titillated Plant those many years ago before he ever joined The new Yardbirds. The Band of Joy was the band that he and John Bonham were in when Jimmy Page came a knocking.

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