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2000-12-23 – The Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip Setlist Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada 2000, Music @ Work

Band: The Tragically Hip
Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON
Date: December 23, 2000
Tour: Music @ Work

Members Of The Band:
Gordon Downie (Vocals and Guitar)
Rob Barker (Lead Guitar)
Paul Langlois (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals)
Johnny Fay (Drums)
Gord Sinclair (Bass and Vocals)

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Comments: The Hip are so much the prototypical Canadian band that it was almost an affront to all that it means to be Canadian that I had never seen them live. Almost. Fortuitously, I was able to catch them live before the whole situation reached critical mass. John had managed to snag some tickets last minute, behind the stage. But it was all good.

He, Rhonda, his main squeeze at the time Hisa and I attended this celebration of all things Canadian. And it was a great show, all things considered. It might have been that much better had Gord Downie turned around and addressed the bands fans behind the stage more than the once or twice that he actually did. But I quibble.

Musically, this was an awesome show, playing all the songs that I could ever have wanted to hope to hear by the band, live and in concert.

I mean, they played Poets, New Orleans Is Sinking, Blow At High Dough, Little Bones… all the shit you might hope The Hip would play if you had finally managed to see them in their natural habitat…

So, I’ll cut him some slack.



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