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2000-09-29 – Tina Turner

Joe Cocker Setlist Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada 2000

Band: Joe Cocker
Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON
Date: September 24, 2000
Tour: No Ordinary World

Members Of The Band:
Joe Cocker (Vocals)










Tina Turner Setlist Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada 2000, Twenty Four Seven Tour

Band: Tina Turner
Venue: Air Canada Centre, Toronto ON
Date: September 24, 2000
Tour: Twenty For Seven

Members Of The Band:
Tina Turner (Vocals)
Jack Bruno (Drums)
Joel Campbell (Piano and Vocals)
Euge Groove (Saxophone, Keyboards and Percussion)
Ollie Marland (Keyboards and Vocals)
Wareen McRae (Bass)
John Miles (Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica)
James Ralston (Guitar and Vocals)
Stacy Campbell (Vocals and Dance)
Lisa Fischer (Vocals and Dancer)
Solange Geunier (Dancer and Vocals)
Claire Louise Turton (Dancer  and Vocals)
Ivonia Brnelic (Dancer and Vocals)

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Comments: Rhonda and I attended this concert together. She’s been a huge Tina Turner fan for many years so when the tickets went up for sale it was a no brainer. The fact that Joe Cocker was opening was a most excellent bonus. Truth be told, I’ve always had a soft spot for Tina Turner, ever since I heard bootleg recordings of her and her much vilified ex Ike opening for the Rolling Stones on their 1969 tour of the Americas.

I was a happy camper early on when she played River Deep, Mountain High a personal favorite. It certainly didn’t hurt that she had so many killer songs to bring to the table. One of Tina’s biggest fortes is her ability to take someone elses song and make it more identified as one of hers. Proud Mary comes immediately to mind. A lot of people who think of Proud Mary think of it as a Tina Turner song. Are you one of those people?

Well, I can’t blame you, but you really need to do your homework.

Now that I think of it, Joe Cocker is the exact same way. I know the Beatles With A Little Help From My Friends is a classic, as is much of their cannon… but, tell me true, don’t you think of Cocker’s incendiary version of that self same song at Woodstock?

Yeah, I thought so.

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