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stars and stripesAmericas days as a world power are numbered.

I’d like to say you heard it here first but, odds are, you have heard it in any number of places previously. The main difference, I believe, is that I actually love America and any number of its citizens. Most other folk who believe that the good old U.S. of A’s days are numbered are terrorists, radicals or just plan old, honest to goodness wackos.

No, I say that Americas days as a world power are numbered from a strictly historical point of view. For the vast majority of my 53 years on this earth I have loved and embraced history with a rabid passion. If there is anything that history teaches us is that history is like a wheel. What comes around, goes around.

I mean, God knows, at one point in time we had concurrent “world powers”. The Mayan empire lasted from 2000 BC until 250 AD. The Greek empire, such as it was, lasted from 808 BC until 167 BC. Roman empire anyone? It lasted, in one form or another, from 27 BC until 1453 AD. The Ottoman empire lasted from 1299 AD until 1922 AD.

What is my point? Well, my point is just this. At any point in time during each and every empire mentioned above, who could ever have guessed that their time in the spotlight would ever come to an eprophet of islamnd.

The sad thing is, most “empires” came to an end, not via external forces, but from enemies within. At this very moment in time, who do you figure is America’s worst enemy. The Taliban? Really? Just how much power do you figure the Taliban have in the grand scheme of things? Iran? Iraq? Really? Don’t you think that the good old U.S. of A. couldn’t wipe them off the face of the earth on a whim?

No, erosion of the empire almost always comes from within. Considering the fact that Barrack Hussein Obama has been one of the most divisive President in U.S. history who, if not him, qualifies as sufficient to bring down a government.

I am, in no way shape or form suggesting that the United States of America’s days as a world power are over and done with. No. But if the current malaise within its borders continue to plague our brethren to the south, then, their days must surely be numbered.

Don’t believe me? Just ask history herself. She never, ever lies.

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