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I love the theme I am currently using for aardvarksaattic.com. It is a free theme called catch-everest. I’m enjoying the ease of use immensely. One thing I’m not enjoying so much is the fact my home page still has a slideshow of the static images which came with the theme. Not to be deterred I entered the following search string (“change catch-everest home page images”) into my favorite search engine and found the help that I was hoping for… At least, I think I did. Currently the theme only has the ability to use images from “featured posts” in the slider.

What to do? what to do?

“I know,” thought I, “I’ll create a new post featuring images I would love to see on my homepage by way of a test.”

That’s just how I thought it. I may even have let out a little yip of joy when I had this inspiration. Or, maybe not… Probably not… Yeah, your right, there was no yipping to be heard emanating from my general vicinity. But I did yip in my mind.

I just love it when a barely conceived, spur of the moment painfully obvious plan comes together, don’t you?

So, in an effort to take my new found knowledge for the proverbial spin, I present to you some randomly assembled photos that I, myself, have taken. To add context I have included commentary and anecdotes as they occurred.

Whale 3

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that I love Cape Cod. How do I love Cape Cod? Let me count the ways. While it is true that I met Rhonda on Cape Cod and, ultimately, honeymooned with Rhonda on Cape Cod that really doesn’t enter into the equation of why I love the Cape. If you fall in love with someone, in large part, because of where you met them then odds are you aren’t meant for each other. There is so much to love about Cape Cod that it would take several posts to do these reasons any kind of justice. Instead I will leave you with this thought. Everything that I love about Cape Cod can be summed up in this photo which I took on a beautiful fall afternoon off the northern tip of the Cape. If you feel it, then you owe yourself a trip to this wonderful place. If you don’t, well, move along. There’s nothing here for you to see…

2006-10-02 - Joe Perry - Draw The Line cover2

I love Rock ‘n’ Roll. I mean, I fucking love Rock ‘n’ Roll. These images are from a set that I took of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry disciplining his guitar during their Route of all Evil tour back in October of ’06. Thing is, while I was perfectly situated to capture these shots, there were far to many heads betwixt myself and Joe to ever hope for any kind of accurate capture, so I did the only thing I could. I raised my camera up, well above eye level, estimated the angle as best I could and pressed the shutter. I was more than happy with the results. Take note, if you will, of the temporary Tat which Joe is sporting of our very own Canadian flag. God loves you Joe.

2006-10-02 - Aerosmith 015

From the self same concert as above, I have always loved this shot that I took of Steven Tyler crouching down to commune with his admirers. For me, it isn’t about Tyler at all. Rather, it is about the sublimely rapt looks on the faces of the women closest to him. After all, who can honestly say that they don’t hope for this kind of connection with their musical idols when they head off to a concert.


Every artiste requires a signature, right? Or am I mistaken? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, no matter. My photographic signature, as far as shooting other human beings with a camera goes at the very least, has always been capturing a photograph of them capturing a photograph of me. This would be my good friend, Imre, taking my photo at a house warming party for another good friend, Shawn, out in Milton Ontario a number of years back.

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