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Aardvark’s Literary Corner

diretidesfrontcoverWelcome to Aardvark’s Literary Corner.

As you may or may not be aware, I am currently working on my second book. This time, it isn’t quite as autobiographical as my first, Not Only Am I With The Band… I should hope not considering the fact that it deals with a serial killer. Yep, and we aren’t talking Dexter here folks. Cold, calculating, quite insane… fun stuff, nes’t pas?

Which isn’t to say that there isn’t some of me and my experiences in this new novel; how could that ever be. Authors of fiction that say there is not some semblance of themselves, their experiences in their novels is lying. It is all just a matter of degrees. Sometimes there is a lot of the author in the work, sometimes not so much so.

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Someone who enjoys writing books will almost always enjoy reading books as well. Stephen thezombiesurvivalguideKing would pay his young boys to read books aloud and record themselves so he could listen to them when he was on long trips. So, while I have no children to read books aloud and record them for me, I still enjoy books the old fashion way.

Now, like anyone who reads, I have my favourite authors. First and foremost is Stephen King; a love affair which started with the publication of his second novel (“Salem’s Lot”; still one of my favourites). I really enjoy Clive Barker, whom I have met on two separate occasions at book signings. Nice guy. When someone asked him if his wrists didn’t get sore from signing books so much he commented that he has strong wrists because he jerks off so much. What a card.

Now, of and by itself, having favourite authors is never a bad thing. You pretty much know what you are getting and, once the author starts telling you their tale in that voice which is particularly worldwarztheirs; well, it’s quite a special relationship. From time to time it is always fun to check out someone else’s favourite author. Expand your horizons as it were; and so it was with “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “World War Z”. My friend Shawn swears by these books, and if you checkout his Facebook page I know that he has them down as two of his favourites.

Hell, zombies? I’m there. So I picked both books up to give them a spin.

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