Queen Breakthru Toronto 2013 – Day 1

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DSC02659_resizeWell, day one is done at the Official North American Queen Convention, being held right here in our fair city of Toronto and it has already been an eventful few hours (registration started at 5:00 pm. By the time Rhonda and I got here and checked in it was after 6:00). After getting our welcome bags, name tag and lanyard, not to mention spiffy purple convention t-shirts Rhonda and I were immediately assigned different tables.


It’s all good though, this was in an effort to have you meet new people. So, Rhonda went to her table (Roger 3) and I went to mine (John 3) . After a few minutes of chatting to get to know the folks at the table we were all pitted against each other (table to table) in a scavenger hunt. It was a scavenger hunt for things, at our own table. There were 20 things to search for among our teammates: a subway token, foreign currency other than U.S., postage stamps, someone with the same birthday as Freddie Mercury, a bottle opener… that kind of thing. Well, our table won with 14 of the 20 things. Our prize was some nick nacks and doodads but that wasn’t the point. The point was to have fun and break the ice.


While the auction was going on Rhonda and I went to get something to eat. After a quick change back in our room we went back to the ballroom for some live karaoke. So, a live band, no lyrics and a set list from which one might pick songs. While I would have loved to do White Queen, I tend to steer away from demanding ballads… so I went for a demanding rocker instead and signed up for Hammer To Fall, which was the second to last song of the set.


Almost immediately my mind started worrying about song lyrics and if I was going to be able to remember them, and in the correct order.

Well, I needn’t have worried and while the song did strain my vocal range I think I did pretty well. No one is ever going to mistake me for Freddie but the band seemed jazzed and a number of people shook my hand and high fived me as I left the stage and made my way back to my seat.

So, all in all a great first day.

Queen Breakthru Convention Karaoke – Hammer To Fall

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