1991-10-25 – Rush

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Andy Curran Setlist Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada 1991

Band: Andy Curran & Soho 69
Venue: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton ON
Date: October 25, 1991
Tour: Opening for Rush

Members Of The Band:
Andy Curran (Vocals, Bass)
Simon Brierley (Guitar, Vocals)
Michael Borkosky (Guitar, Vocals)
Glenn Milchem (Drums)

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Comments:  Exact set list unknown

Rush Setlist Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada 1991, Roll the Bones TourBand: Rush
Venue: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton ON
Date: October 25, 1991
Tour: Roll The Bones

Members Of The Band:
Geddy Lee (Vocals, Bass and Keyboards)
Alex Lifeson (Guitar)
Neil Peart (Drums and Percussion)

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Comments: Opening night of the Roll The Bones Tour.

Considering the number of years I have been attending concerts it still kind of slays me how few opening nights I have attended. Not really a conscious decision mind you. More to do with the timing of when any given band schedules their show in or near my home town. Yet, this tour of Rush`s was unique in a couple of ways. Rhonda, Henry and I attended this show at Hamilton`s Copps Coliseum. Said show being the first show of their Roll The Bones tour. We also managed to catch them in Toronto several months later. Said show being their last show of the first leg of their Roll The Bones tour. What had changed in between? Well, their opening act for one.

But that is for another post I’m sure.

For the opening night of a major tour this evening was surprisingly free of the Yips which normally plague an opening night. That isn’t to say there weren’t a couple of rough spots here and there; there were. It’s just that the sheer joy and excitment the band were obviously feeling to be back on the road was infectious. How could one not enjoy this concert even if the band were not quite as musically tight as they always seem to be?

Here, for your edification, I would like to post some footage of Rush’s dress rehearsal the night before this very concert.

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