1980-07-16 – The Who

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Jean-Luc Ponty Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1980Artist: Jen Luc Ponty
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: July 16, 1980
Tour: Opening for The Who

Members Of The Band:
Jean-Luc Ponty (5-string electric violin, violin, piano, keyboards)
Randy Jackson (Bass)
Joaquin Lievano (Guitar, Guitar Synth)
Rayford Griffin (Drums, Percussion)
Chris Rhyne (Keyboards, Synthesizer)

Comments: Exact set list unknown



Jean Luc Ponty – São Paulo, Brasil 1980

The J. Geils Band Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1980

Artist: J Geils Band
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: July 16, 1980
Tour: Love Stinks – Opening for The Who

Members Of The Band:
Peter Wolf (Vocals)
J. Geils (Guitar)
Magic Dick (Harmonica, Trumpet, Harmonium)
Seth Justman (Keyboards, Vocals)
Danny Klein (Bass)
Stephen Bladd (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

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Comments: Check out the fish drumsticks in the J. Geils Band`s Love Stinks video.



Love Stinks

J. Geils Band – Love stinks 1980

Heart Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1980, Bebe Le Strange Tour

Artist: Heart
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON
Date: July 16, 1980
Tour: Bebe Le Strange opening for The Who

Members Of The Band:
Anne Wilson (Vocals, Flute, Guitar, Percussion)
Nancy Wilson (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals)
Steve Fossen (Bass, Percussion)
Michael DeRosier (Drums, Percussion)


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Comments: This was the first time I had seen Heart since I saw them opening for April Wine in Oshawa back in the day. While I was less than impressed the first time around, this second time was a revelation. I could scarce believe it was the same band.



Bebe Le Strange / Crazy On You

Bebe Le Strange & Crazy On You – Live 1980


The Who Setlist CNE Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada 1980, 1980 North American TourBand: The Who
Venue: CNE Stadium, Toronto ON Date: July 16, 1980
Tour: Summer
Opening: Jen Luc Ponty, J. Geils Band, Heart

Members Of The Band: Roger Daltry (Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica)
Pete Townsend (Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards and Piano)
John Entwistle (Bass and Vocals)
Kenny Jones (Drums)
John Bundrick: (Piano, Keyboards)

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Comments: This was the last date on tour.The one and only time I have managed to catch The Who live was after the passing of Keith Moon. While Kenny Jones was a decent drummer, he just wasn’t the same. Don’t get me wrong, the concert was excellent and the song selection very good. I suppose since I only got to see one Who show, this was as good a one to see as any.









The Who – Substitute – London 1979 (1)

I Can’t Explain

The Who – I Can't Explain – London 1979 (2)

Baba O’Reily

The Who – Baba O'Riley – London 1979 (3)

My Wife

The Who – My Wife – London 1979 (5)

Sister Disco

The Who – Sister Disco – London 1979 (6)

Behind Blue Eyes

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes – London 1979 (7)

Music Must Change

The Who – Music Must Change – London 1979 (8)


The Who – Drowned – London 1979 (9)

Who Are You

The Who – Who Are You – London 1979 (10)

5:15 / Mystery Train

The Who – 5:15/Mystery Train – London 1979 (11, 12)

Pinball Wizard

The Who – I Am The Sea/Pinball Wizard – London 1979 (13, 14)

See Me Feel Me / Listening To You

The Who – See Me Feel Me/Listening To You – London 1979 (15)

Long Live Rock

The Who – Long Live Rock – London 1979 (16)

My Generation

The Who – My Generation – London 1979 (17)

Naked Eye
Won’t Get Fooled Again

The Who – Won't Get Fooled Again – London 1979 (23)

Summertime Blues

The Who – Summertime Blues – London 1979 (24)

Twist And Shout
Dancing In The Street

The Who – Dancing In The Street – London 1979 (25)

Dance It Away

The Who – Dance It Away – London 1979 (26)

The Real Me

The Who – The Real Me – London 1979 (27)

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3 thoughts on “1980-07-16 – The Who

    1. Thanks for stopping by Floyd.

      Yes, I remember it being very hot. Other than the fact he had played on Elton John’s Honky Chateau I had absolutely no idea who Jean Luc-Ponty was. It was a great show.

      And I do vaguely remember something about a jail. Refresh my memory if you can fill in some details. I seem to remember there were a lot of alcohol and drug busts at this gig. Then again, that seemed to be pretty common at rock “festivals” back in the day 🙂


    2. Hello Aardvark and Floyd,
      Just cruising by, reminiscing this fantastic show. Despite being a huge Keith Moon fan, this was also my first The Who show. I was 16 and it was the very best The Who concert of several seen later; trying to chase that buzz down. I fell in love with The J. Geils Band that day too. I had always loved hard rockin’ blues. Magic Dick and Peter Wolf were stellar that day. I should like to add that it was not Jean Luc Ponty that opened. It was Nash the Slash. Heart was pretty good. However, The Who with the horn section for the Quadrophenia material is what set this one apart from all other shows.

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