1986-09-02 – Emerson Lake and Powell

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Artist: Emerson, Lake and Powell
Venue: Massey Hall, Toronto ON
Date: September 2, 1986
Tour: Emerson, Lake and Powell
Opening: None

The Score / Learning To Fly / Pirates / Knife Edge / Tarkus > Pictures At An Exhibition / Piano Solo: Piano Concerto #1 > Creole  Dance / Still… You Turn Me On / From The Beginning / Lucky Man / Fanfare For The Common Man / Touch And Go / Mars The Bringer Of  War / Drum Solo
Encore 1:
Karn Evil #9 First Impression Second Part > America > Rondo
Encore 2:
Fanfare For The Common Man Jam

Members Of The Band
Keith Emerson (Keyboards, Piano and Knives)
Greg Lake (Vocals, Bass and Guitar)
Cozy Powell (Drums and Percussion)

Comments:  Rhonda and I attended this show together. We were third or fourth row right in front of Keith Emerson. Bill and Leslie were at the show as well. God only knows where they were sitting. This was one of the few shows I have ever attended where the band performed an honest to goodness, unscheduled encore. During Fanfare for the Common Man, Keith’s keyboards were giving him no end of grief. They muddled through and by the next tune, Touch and Go, things were back to normal. You could tell that the glitch stuck in Emerson’s craw. After their first encore, replete with Keith knifing his Hammond B3 unmercifully during Rondo, the band left the stage and the house lights came up. Thing is, people weren’t quite ready to leave. We cheered; we stomped; we clapped. From our vantage point we could see the band gather at the stage door trying to figure out what to do. Ultimately the house lights went down again and the band returned to perform a smoking version of Fanfare for the Common Man, unencumbered by the keyboard problems which plagued their initial attempt.

The Score

ELPowell DETROIT 1986 The Score

Learning to Fly

ELPowell DETROIT 1986 Learning to Fly



Knife Edge


Tarkus / Pictures at an Exhibition Pt 1

ELPowell DETROIT 1986 Tarkus Part I

Tarkus / Pictures at an Exhibition Pt 2

ELPowell DETROIT 1986 Tarkus Part II

Touch and Go / Fanfare for the Common Man


Mars the Bringer of War / Drum Solo Pt 1

ELPowell DETROIT 1986 Mars+Drums solo Part I

Mars the Bringer of War / Drum Solo Pt 2

ELPowell DETROIT 1986 Mars, The Bringer of War Part II

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