1981-11-24 – Alice Cooper

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Goddo Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1981Artist: Goddo
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: November 24, 1981
Tour: Pretty Bad Boys (opening for Alice Cooper)

Members Of The Band:
Greg Godovitz (Bass and Vocals)
Gino Scarpelli (Guitar)
Doug Inglis (Drums)

Comments: Exact setlist unknown. This is the show mentioned in Greg Godovitz’s excellent book “Travels With My Amp” where the  home town crowd booed the band lustily. Unbeknownst to him the home town fans weren’t booing them; they were booing the fact that the  PA had gone out. Talking to Greg years later he blamed the incident on Alice Cooper’s road crew trying to sabotage their opening set. Me? It was just your average, ill timed, run of the mill snafu’s that happen with alarming frequency on the road.

GODDO So Walk On

GODDO Tough Times / Cock On!

Alice Cooper Setlist Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, ON, Canada 1981, Special Forces Tour

Artist: Alice Cooper
Venue: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
Date: November 24, 1981
Tour: Special Forces
Opening: Goddo

Members Of The Band
Alice Cooper (Vocals)
Sgt. John Nitzenger (Guitar and Vocals)
Mike Pinera (Guitar and Vocals)
Duane Hitchings (Keyboards, Guitar  and Vocals)
Colonel Eric Scott (Bass)
Wayne “Hercules” Cook (Drums)

Comments: My first time seeing Alice Cooper live and it was during his New Wave phase. So, no dead babies, no guillotine, no gallows. What he did have was a crack five piece band dressed in military fatigues backing him, an excellent new album to tour behind and the same Alice Cooper attitude that fans of “The Coop” had come to expect from him. Sadly, another thing that fans had come to expect from Alice had reared it’s ugly head once again; alcohol abuse. He was in very sad shape physically, although his vocals really didn’t suffer. One holdover from his old stage shows was the boa constrictor which made it’s appearance during I’m Eighteen.




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