Oh, Canada…

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Oh, Canada…

It’s ironic, don’tcha think, that immediately following Canada’s world class showing at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, when many pundits were calling it a watershed moment for all Canadians; a moment when it became perfectly acceptable, neh, expected to wear our national pride on our sleeve.

No more would “Canada’s best ever finish, 93rd place” be acceptable. We finally got a taste of gold on home soil and the resulting exhultation became infectious. We heard our national anthem played and we wanted more. The winning was done boisterously, yet demurely, a trait which Canadians have in spades. Instead of trying to rip down our athletes for doing well, we reveled in their success. No more the underdog; no more the ugly sibling sitting forlornly in the corner, cheering under our breath lest we be overheard.

Where does the irony arise you ask? Why in the current groundswell in parliament to revisit the lyrics to that National Anthem we were all so proud of singing scant days ago and make the words “gender neutral”.

Is this what it has come to? Are we so schizophrenic as Canadians that we could actually be contemplating this abomination? I have had it up to HERE with political correctness, which this proposed new move has written all over it.

This has been our de facto National Anthem since 1939, becoming official by an Act of Parliament in 1980.

In case you were not aware, the “song” was oringally written, in French, for an 1880 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebration. First English translation occured in 1906. While the English words were significantly different than the French, the fact remains it is our National Anthem.

The line in question is “true patriot love in all thy sons command.”

Oddly enough, these were not the original English words; “true patriot love thou dost in us command”. But that line was considered to be too much of a tongue twister, so the alternate was agreed upon.

Are there gender injustices in the world? Damn strait there are. Plenty of them. When it comes to a National Anthem though, I say no way people (nice gender neutral word there, wouldn’t you say?).

As it turns out, the Canadian public feel much the same way. As of today, the Government have decided to nix the plans to “review the language” of O Canada. Thank goodness for small mecries.

By the by, if you feel the same way as I do, that there are far more pressing issues facing this great country of ours right now, then feel free to send your opinion to Senator Nancy Ruth who seems to have been the one that sparked this most recent and wholly unnecessary controversy with a series of letters written to fellow cabinet ministers late last year.

Sorry Nancy, take it outside (preferrably outside our borders).

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